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A Geo-analytics Platform

For all public transport decision making chain command !
Arlas City helps you maximize the value of public transportation offer, by easily cross-referencing your data.

Promote Mobility equity

Choosing the right mode highly depends on staying connected to the ever-changing needs of the users. This means constantly looking at data to offer seamless mobility.

Population data & Isochrons calculations

Crossing population distribution with isochrons calculations in public transportation analysis helps decision-makers to provide multiple short routes to diverse destinations.

Frequency, Accessibilty & Reliability

- Garantee reliable services
- Serve more people
- Meet travellers’ expectations

A reliablesolution based upon your data

For harmonious urban development

A public transport system must be reliable, efficient, compact and inter-modal. The fragmentation and complexity of data limit and slow down decision-makers and operators in their task of specifying, designing and improving transport provision.

A cloud solution that aligns data

Data silos are aggregated, reconciled and tuned to provide a detailed, comprehensive and consistent analytical understanding of the network and all its characteristics.

And it leads to good decisions for public transport

Decision-makers and operators have access to three essential understandings of the cities' public transport service: its structure and organisation over time, its operational performance and its use by passengers.

Study the

The whole transport network with all its subtleties at your fingertips.
Because public transport services are complex, detailed and made up of millions of inter-stop passages, brings a revolutionary geo-analytical experience to capture the major trends and identify the intricacies of the public transport package.

Did you know?

of inter-stop crossings per year for a metro line

of kilometres travelled each year for a metro line


A multi-perspective analysis allows you to analyse and understand the attributes of the transport network from all angles :

Frequencies of time-lapse between stops

Average speeds

Kilometres covered

The first and last departures of each day

But, also offers the possibility of unlimited selections for diverse analyses :


Selection by polygon or geographical file

Selection and multi-selection by line(s), stop(s), time(s); by hour or by day

Search by text

(ex: "Jean Jaurès Wednesdays")

Selection on the distribution of all the axes

(duration of a section, length of a section, average speed, etc.)


Immediately reveal the sections/lines with the highest travelled kilometres.


Locate the busiest shuttle stops.


Spot high-frequency periods instantly.

Measure the performance

All the performances of the network and its components, in detail!

Because improving the network package starts with a global and detailed understanding of its performance, provides all the analytical indicators for reliable evaluation of operations of the network and its constituent lines.

Did you know that?

Waiting time of more than 10 minutes at the stops.


The elements to
measure the performance provides all the indicators related to the operation of the public transport network :

Average delay and accumulated delay

for the network, per line and per stop, per hour and per day of the week

A cartographic visualization

the delay, the number of cancellations and incidents, on average or cumulatively per inter-stop section

The cumulative and average number of passage cancellations

for the network, per line and per stop & per hour and per day of the week

The cumulative and average number of crossing incidents

for the network, per line and per stop & per hour and per day of the week


Instantly identify the sections and lines with the most delays.


Instantly identify the periods that can be problematic.

Understanding the demand

The transport package that responds to the demand!

A transport offer used by citizens is first and foremost an offer that matches the demand with precision.

Did you know that?

of ticket validations on a metro line per year


A precise analysis

With, trip validation data will communicate like never before! Even better, it will put the scheduled vs the achieved offer into perspective. You get to know when, where et why :


Number of validations per commercial kilometre (V/KC)

Validations on the network

Average and cumulative number of validations for the network, per line and per stop

Validations over time

Average and cumulative number of validations per hour and per day of the week.

Cartographic visualization

Average or cumulative number of validations per inter-stop section.


Instantly identify the sections and lines that generate traffic and those that are under-used.


Instantly pinpoint periods of high demand and low demand.

Widely open to data and to third-party services !

The cloud solution based on open source technology ( is open to its ecosystem and GTFS transport data.


The cloud solution has highly adaptable admin functions to mange multiple user's parameters.


The cloud solution includes the theoretical offer to the GTFS formalism, an open, accessible format.


The solution offers a graphical interface that speaks to everyone, focused above all on cartography.

Reusable offers REST services and exhibits OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) services.

Simply pay for what you use !

Start with the initial offer which includes all the features for 10 million hosted inter-stop passages. You then pay according to your level of data usage. That is not all, you can cancel at any time!

The solution is in the cloud. You have no infrastructure to maintain, updates are transparent to you, we provide support and training so you can benefit from its full potential!


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